We are in the middle of cold and flu season, and parents across the country are preparing a steaming bowl of chicken soup for their kids. A warm, delicious bowl of chicken soup is a time-tested home remedy for mild colds and a great way to comfort your kids. Not only is chicken soup comforting, it can be very nutritious and help your child stay hydrated when he/she has a cold.

Canned or premade chicken soup can be delicious, but cooking hearty soup from scratch can also be fun and healthy. This recipe uses prepared low-sodium chicken stock and has a list of fun twists on the classic flavor – like lemony chicken soup and curried chicken soup – with just a few extra ingredients. If you’re looking to make everything from scratch, this recipe shows you how to make your soup using a whole chicken. It could be a great idea to make the soup with your kids as an educational and fun bonding activity, and here are some tips from the American Association of Pediatrics to keep children safe in the kitchen.