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Check in below for the latest news on respiratory health and for updates on the WIND Study– this is where you can read articles about bronchiolitis or look over our latest newsletter. Feel free to fill out our contact form and let us know if there are any topics you’d like to read more about.


Please keep in mind while reading that the websites and articles linked to below do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the WIND Study. News articles and excerpts from scientific literature are provided here simply to give you a snapshot of the current discourse on children’s respiratory health—they are items we hope you might find relevant and interesting to read! They are not in any way meant to sway or influence you; please remember always to consult your child’s primary care provider if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health.


Handwashing Tips

With the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to wash our hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommendations on when, how, and why we should wash our hands. When should we wash our hands? A few important times include: before eating

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Chicken Soup for the Soul (and Colds)

We are in the middle of cold and flu season, and parents across the country are preparing a steaming bowl of chicken soup for their kids. A warm, delicious bowl of chicken soup is a time-tested home remedy for mild colds and a great way to comfort

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Physical activity during the school day

There is a push to include more physical activity into the school day. A study found that physical activity is linked to better academic performance and classroom behavior. Physical movement activates the brain, which prepares children to pay attention and perform better in school. Another goal of

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Newsletter Autumn 2019

Here is our WIND Study Autumn Newsletter! Check out the newsletter for some creative autumn crafts, to learn more about spirometry, a common breathing test included in our in-person visits, and to get to know Lena Volpe, one of our newest Clinical Research Coordinators! ¡Aquí esta nuestro

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Internet, TV, and Video Game Safety

The Internet, TV, and video games can be educational and fun, but a study from the National Institutes of Health showed that children’s screen habits develop early on; on average, children’s average daily screen time nearly tripled from 53 minutes to greater than 150 minutes between age

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Newsletter Spring 2019

Here is our WIND Study Spring Newsletter (you can read it in Spanish too)! In this issue, check out some fun spring crafts, read about the progress we have made so far in the study, and get to know one of our WIND Study members, David Zheng!

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Newsletter Autumn 2018

Here is our WIND Study Autumn Newsletter (you can read it in Spanish too)! In this issue, check out some fun autumn crafts, read about WIND Study upcoming opportunities, and get to know one of our newest WIND Study members, Jonathan Yu!  

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